Signal Integrity, Signal Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing, Data Center Photonics, Optical Devices, Low Energy, Wearable Electronics, Internet-of-Things, Bluetooth, WiFi, RF and Microwave, Mil, Hi-Rel and Space.



Signal Acquisition and Digital Signal Processors (DSP's) - by 4DSP - High speed A/D and D/A Converters, FPGA Boards, Video Frame Grabbers, Optical Interfaces.  FPGA Firmware Design and IP Cores,  Stellar IP and AXI-4 compliant cores, Video Processing, Memory Controllers, High Speed Communications, Software Drivers, API and Application Code.  System and Turn-Key Solutions -- Beam Forming and Signal Processing Applications, Data Recording and Sensing.

Data Center Photonics / Optical Devices - by GigaLight - 10G, 40G, 100G and 120G Transceivers, Fiber Channel, SFP, 3G Video/SFSW/CSFP and Pon.  Assemblies include MPO/MTP Cabling, Direct Attach Optical Cable and Direct Attach Copper Cable.  Passive Devices include PLC/Couplers, CWDM/DWDM/FWDM, Optical Switch/VOA Products, Photonic Detectors, Micro-Optics and Polarization Maintaining products.

Signal Integrity - High Speed Digital components, sub-systems and systems for the Telecom, Communications, Networks and other Commercial applications.  DC Blocks, Conical Inductors, RF Capacitors, Hi-Q Capacitors, Thin Film Circuits, 

RF and Microwave - radio electronics from standard components from ceramic chip capacitors to antennas, to custom radio modules to ASICs and custom SOCs, to design services.  Explore the offering from companies like ATC, Exelis, Q-Tech, RTX, Radiocrafts, and Linear Dimensions Semiconductor.

Military / Hi-Rel / Space - Electronic components, sub-systems and systems for ground, airborne, sea and space.  Meets the demanding needs for critical performance for Communications, Electronic Warfare, ELINT and QPL.  Check out Q-Tech's extensive line of Frequency Sources (Oscillators) or Exelis RF Synthesizers.

Low Energy - Wearable Electronics, Internet-of-Things, biometric and physiological sensing.  For extended battery life, small size and high performance.

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  • Signal Integrity

  • Signal Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing

  • Data Center Photonics / Optical Devices

  • Fiberoptic Communications

  • Low Power Electronics

  • Sensor Fusion

  • Mobile / Wearable Electronics / Internet-of-Things

  • Wireless - WiFi / DECT / ZigBee

  • RF & Microwave

  • Test & Measurement

  • Military / Space / Hi-Rel Electronics

  • Contract Manufacturing